Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should you hire Absolute Lawncare to take care of your property?

A: We at Absolute Lawncare pride ourselves in offering excellent lawn care and quality customer service.  We commit to effectively helping our customers and maintaining a good reputation throughout the community. 

Q: What does a standard cut include? 

A: We carefully mow, weed whack, edge sidewalk and driveway borders and blow away excess grass. Leaving your lawn looking very clean and well manicured. 

Q: How much is it to get my lawn cut by Absolute Lawncare?

A: Absolute changes differently for every lawn. Fees for an average sized lawns are approximately $25-$30. The bigger the lawn the longer it will take to cut resulting in the more money we have to charge. Usually houses at the end of a cul-de-sac have much bigger lawns and we have to charge more. Its is best to have us come out and let us view the property to give you a accurate answer.

Q: When is it a good time to aerate my lawn?

A: In Colorado it is recommended that you aerate both in the spring and the fall. Between March and May then in the fall between September and November.
Aerating is important so the air, water and nutrients can penetrate to the grass roots. Aerating punches through thatch and loosens compacted soil. Compaction can occur because of children’s play, pet play, foot traffic, mowing, heavy rains and heavy snow.

Q: When should I fertilize my lawn, to make keep it green all year? 

A: We recommend that you have your lawn fertilized 3 times. The 1st time at the beginning of spring (mid March - 1st of May), the 2nd time in mid summer (June - July), and finally the 3rd time in the fall (September- November). This will give your lawn the nutrients that it needs to keep it healthy all year.

Q: What kind of fertilizers do you use? 

A: We offer both Organic and non- organic fertilizers, it depends on your preference. 

Q: What if it rains or we are behind on our schedule and we are not able to mow on the scheduled day?

A: We will personally contact you as soon as we decide that we are not able to work, then reschedule to the soonest available time. This is a very important responsibility. Communication with our clients is something we take this very seriously. 


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